June 2019: Welcome to Vaporgames

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Vaporwave and many similar micro genre are found all across the internet and only had a mini blip in mainstream culture, as seapunk (a micro genre) enjoyed some popularity thanks to world famous singer and celebrity, Rihanna. While in mainstream the phenomenon may have passed by, the underground world for the music and art is still thriving.

Note above the following albums clockwise starting from the top left: 2814 – 新しい日の誕生, Oscob/Digital Sex – OVERGROWTH, Sandtimer – Vaporwave Is Dead , Blank Banshee – Blank Banshee 0, and Acidmane – Shattered Dreams 2002

However, there is a new place where these genres are also popping up, video games and interactive media. We all know there are plenty of developers that create games in the 1980s pixel style and reference the styles of yesteryear. Pixel graphics is a common choice but some take it a step further and create crazy bizarre worlds that had some of the aesthetics and themes associated with Vaporwave. After all, Vaporewave, Synthwave and all the micro-genres associated with them do take inspiration from the media and popular culture of the 1980s and 1990s so its a perfect opportunity for video game developers to utilize the music and art for their own projects.

The purpose of this blog is to find, review, discuss and be a one-stop-shop for all these games as well as a valuable resource for information on what is to come. This is a very niche subject matter and no doubt not a lot of games come out with Vaporwave art in mind so there will be sub-categorie pages for Synthwave and games that fit into other micro-categories as well as this genre is also growing more popular as well as music with such artists as follows:

The Midnight, GunShip, FM-84, TimeCop1983

Finally, any games that has vaporwave music or any music in the other genres will be noted in the blog in its own section along with which artist and songs (unless its from the developers themselves who created the music in which of course they will be credited).

Thank you for visiting the blog and please send comments if there is anything you find that you wish to be covered.

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