Vapong 95′ By Kiltro Game Studio

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Vapong 95 is a 2-4 player pong game that utilizes a vaporwave themed style. It was published on on January 19th 2018. The game was created by a four man team called Kiltro Game Studio which was founded in 2016 and operates in Santiago, Chile.

The game was first announced back in 2016 on the company social media accounts including a Facebook page made specifically for the game, called Vapong 95′.

Out of most of the games I’ve covered thus far to date, besides Sunrise land, this game is extremely saturated in all the tropes and themes of vaporwave. The main menu alone says it all. You have palm trees, references to Miami, roman statues and architecture, 1980s Apple Macintosh computers, and the typical color scheme of the sub-genre with pastel-light purple, pink and blue.

What is the Gameplay?

The game play itself is pretty straight forward. Each player controls their boat on the screen using the keyboard and depending on the color of the shark (aka the pong ball) the corresponding player with that color must block the shark from getting out of the ring. If they miss, they lose a life as indicated by the health bar with the corresponding color as indicated by the four colored life bars at each of the four corners of the screen. The last person standing is the winner.

Very simple and to the point overall with gameplay. Its basically a variation on traditional Pong. If you’re not familiar with it, its the idea of two or more players blocking a ball or object from entering their side of the field, like tennis as a real world example.

One thing I will note, that I wish more games did, they have the track list readily available to you on the main menu and can change the music in game if you want. The songs are actually pretty good, the menu music in particular is my favorite.

I also really like this spin on the idea of Pong. You can have up to 4 people which does lead to an intense game of pong. Not to mention the aesthetic is very pleasing to look at of course. It is a bit on the nose when it comes to the vaporwave style as its just a bunch of typical tropes but in a genre that is so small I’m not going to complain too much.

Are the Developers up to anything else?

After digging into their background, it seems that the studio might be on hiatus. Their Facebook page for Kiltro has been deleted completely and their last update on their twitter was September 2018. Currently it looks like they are working on a game called Mansion which has a demo available on I didn’t see anything else about it since their last update in 2018.

Besides what I was able to find, there is little information about the studio currently available and its very possible that the team may have become busy with other things in their lives, left the studio to pursue other opportunities, or they could be quietly working on their next game and may not have posted about it yet to the public. Its hard to say at this point in time. I couldn’t find a business email or anyway to truly contact the team so I cannot offer any confirmation. They still have an active website for their company but its just an about page with links to their social media accounts.

Would I recommend Vapong 95″?

I did like this game quite a bit but you absolutely need a person with you or a party to play it with as the game does not have a mode where you play against the computer and there is no online play. The lack of online capability is the most problematic aspect of the game in my personal opinion. I ran across no bugs or game breaking issues. My only issue with the game is that the controls per player did take some getting used to as it didn’t explicitly say which keys are for which player. The game would have benefited from a quick tutorial screen for beginners.

Its hard to be too critical as it is free but it just need more direction and online capability would have been a huge bonus. I do recommend the way to play to be the method they shown in a YouTube video they have linked on their page. Its also as pretty neat trailer if you ask me. I linked it below for reference.

They have the game on a projector and have the players around the keyboard, controller, or whatever they are using to play. I can see what they mean when it can be a party game as players can take turns even to get the best overall score or play against each other. Four player games are not common so this is certainly a plus for Vapong.

To summarize its not a bad game. Its a nice mini game of sorts especially if you like cooperative types of challenges based around pong. I think its a really fun idea and would make a decent party game.

If you want to try Vapong 95 for yourself, you can find the game for download on, the link is below:

Click here for Vapong 95′

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