August 2019: Too Much to do, Not Enough Low-Fi Music

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A retro convention, a Renaissance fair I go to every year, my day job is picking up big time as summer is drawing to a close, trying play as many games for this blog as I can, and finally trying to maintain some form of a social life.

Yeah its been a busy month and summer overall. Fall will get even crazier but I’m so excited for the cooler weather. As something I always do for this blog, a monthly update on cool stuff I find relating to vaporwave and all similar genres as well as and interesting games and articles on the horizon for the blog.

E3 Games and Future Articles In the Works

So games! That’s always the topic here. The ever talked and theorized about E3 Conference took place in June and I finally got around to reading up on all the games that were announced. Some I knew about already but I wanted to really dig in and see if anything really interesting that would be perfect for this blog in the near future.

The first one that is on my list is The Outer Worlds. This was a game that caught my attention immediately, if anything for the fact that it mixes cyberpunk (as the game takes place in an alternative future where mega corporations dominate human society), scientific fiction, and western themes. Pioneering outer space in particular. The graphics and color palette are gorgeous so far and I’m hoping the developers will deliver what they are promising as again the game looks great. I really like the features from using disguises to sneak into buildings, your character have strengths as well as flaws, and like their previous games, you can sold quests in a multitude of ways much like in Pillars of Eternity which is also a refreshing way of handling challenges and solving problems.The game is coming out very soon on October 25 so right around the corner. Hopefully the game will live up to its expectations, its an ambitious project but Obsidian Entertainment has shown they can make large and inventive RPGs before in their previous titles so the public reaction has mostly been positive and that the project is in good hands.

Neo Cab was another game in the indiecade section of the show that has had plenty of buzz already. The demo featured by the developer, Chance Agency, further catapulted the game into the spotlight. It is a management adventure type of game that takes place in a cyberpunk-themed near future where the world is controlled by automation and few people were completely human. You play as the last human driver in car service much like Uber and you balance work, money, dealing with customers, all the while trying to solve a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a dear friend. The concept of Neo Cab is very appealing as its tapping into real fears of the present, that being human losing their humanity in the chase for technological progress.

Most games in the cyberpunk sub-genre tend to be about saving the world or being some grand hero. In Neo cab your just another person living in a confusing world and trying to get by, which I find to be a refreshing idea. The game has yet to have a finalized release date but I’ll be sure to grab it and write about it as soon as its available.

Finally…Cyberpunk 2077, the long awaited AAA cyberpunk-themed RPG game that has the world talking finally has an official release date, April 16th 2020.

I am a huge fan of CD Projekt and their last major release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is one of the best examples of an open-world RPG that felt so massive and grand that I felt like I was on a different planet. It was bar setting for the game industry. I’m really hoping that they can deliver the same quality and immersive story telling in Cyberpunk. One of my fantasy games I would love to see is a genuine life simulator in a cyberpunk universe. What would it be like to live, work, and play in a city like what we see in the screenshots for Cyberpunk. I would love to play a game like that and perhaps this game will do that.

However, I am going to tone down my enthusiasm as this is a brand new game and I want to give a fair review. I’m am happy its from a studio that has shown they can deliver but as always, we should maintain expectations and see what happens in April next year. Its still a good ways away so I’ll keep monitoring the news related to the title until the release date.

So these are the games from E3 I will be covering for sure and there were others that personally I’ll be playing that I’m very excited about. Mainly the next Pokemon game, Planet Zoo, No More Heroes 3, and Animal Crossing are all on my absolutely picking up for myself list.

Here we are now as summer is ending. The leaves will soon change and the “sweater weather” will soon be upon us. I hope you all had a terrific summer or enjoy your last few weeks of hot weather.

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