September 2019: A Month of Travel, New Projects, and Games

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No joke, I blinked and suddenly September was over, how on earth does that happen??!!!

So September was a killer month and I have a few stories to tell, I hope you will indulge me and of course thank you for supporting and reading this blog if you frequent my site.

Also huge apologies for the lack of posts so far in October, its been extremely busy for me in the real world. I do have some other articles in the works as well as a few other projects. So stay tuned.

Anyway on to my quick story. A dear friend of mine a few months back asked me to if I would come on a trip with her to Portland. I never visited and I was super on board to see a new city. We were gone for a week in September to check out the sites and visit some friends of ours. In the middle of our trip we rented a car to drive up to Washington State to visit a friend of ours who was two and a half hours north of the city. I never realized how isolated parts of Washington are in comparison to where I live or have lived in the past. Some of the towns we passed were super quiet even in the middle of the day around noon. The amount of time to get from one town to the next was a reasonable distance but the roads were gorgeous with lots of trees and not crowded at all. I highly recommend going for a day drive through Washington, its a wonderful and relaxing experience. On the way back, it was so dark that when I looked back, there were no lights, so it was just an endless, dark void. I kept thinking that suddenly it would turn into an episode of Tales from the Crypt with a terrifying monster appearing in the middle of the road or something.

We also got AMAZING donuts and sweets in Portland. We decided to hold a mini contest where we pitted two major, local chain donut shops against each other, Voodoo Donuts and Blue Star Donuts. Both are very popular in that part of the country. After trying both, we decided that while Voodoo was super quirky and had an awesome storefront, Blue Star had better tasting donuts. Blue Star is not as funky, their flavors are very sophisticated like Blueberry Bourbon Basil donuts, where you also get a pipette of Bourbon to inject into your donut. Still Voodoo is an amazing place with my personal favorite being the bacon maple bar with slices of bacon on top, which is pretty wild.

One final note, the barcades and record/LP stores in Portland are amazing. I got a few LPs which I brought home and in one we went to they had an entire floor just for pinball. I took so many pictures of that place. So overall…go to Portland and eat lots of donuts, drink lots of beer, and buy a record for good measure.

Whats new with Gaming?

I feel like a new game is coming out every second right now. Currently Borderlands 3 is on my personal list with my friends and we also started playing free-to-play game on the PS4, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 which was just released on October 1st. We actually had a ton of fun with that game so I do recommend it with friends if you’re interested in third-person shooting/co-op strategy type of game as the game definitely involves a level of cooperative with your team-mates especially as enemy teams we ran across are really well coordinated. Not to mention you can pilot your own Gundam which is pretty sweet if you ask me.

In terms of weird and interesting games I am considering for this blog, Neo Cab just came out on October 3rd and I’ve been playing it. I already have thoughts as well as pros and cons which will be in an article very soon. I plan to post it before the month is out.

Another game that was on my radar already but I plan to play this month is Subserial Network which is an alternative universe type of experience where you are an agent tracking someone down and there is a lot of subtext it seems regarding humans becoming more like machines as well as the idea of “synthetic humans” not really human but looks like them. A very interesting cyberpunk/surreal type of game from what it looks like. I plan to post an article soon on that one.

So now we are in the much beloved month of October, a month of spooks and frights! I’ve been overwhelmed with events with my friends including pumpkin picking and Halloween parties.

I hope you all have a safe Halloween and enjoy yourselves!

3 Replies to “September 2019: A Month of Travel, New Projects, and Games”

  1. Sounds like a fun September! I know these past couple have been slow for my blog as well, so no need to feel bad πŸ˜›

    Hope you have a spooky October! πŸ˜€


    1. Hey, thanks and yes it was a ton of fun. Fall has always been super busy with me so I’m trying to write as much as possible too. I really like your blog! I wish mine looked as cool as yours. Always a pleasure to see your comments.


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