October and November 2019: I’M LATE! I’M LATE TO UPDATE!

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I deeply apologize for the lack of updates the last few weeks. After my last article with Neo Cab, work and life became extremely hectic in both good and bad ways sadly. Some unfortunate events occurred that needed my attention and as of recently have started to calm…then work picked up BIG TIME. This time of year is usually brutal at my job so that required more attention then usual and staying late at work. So that all means one thing, neglecting my blog to deal with RL.

So as you most likely saw, I just posted a new article. Music Killer caught me off guard as I was working on a few other articles and I knew I had to cover it. I dropped the other articles for the time being to put it out as quick as I could while making sure I could gather as much info as possible. I think it came out rather well and I enjoyed playing it. Hope you enjoyed it as well!

Gaming News and Thoughts

So in the world of gaming, HHOOO BOY, we got a lot of games coming out in the last couple of weeks. First off, The Outer Worlds came out at the end of October and has become the community darling. This on top of another major Fallout 76 scandal with the subscription program that was broken at launch. Basically The Outer Worlds couldn’t ask for better accidental marketing then that.

Two big Nintendo games came out that I was super excited about, Pokemon Sword and Shield along with Luigi’s Mansion 3. I just got Pokemon and have been playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 since launch and take it from me, its super fun. Then we had Planet Zoo from the studio that also made Planet Coaster just drop their new game in November. Then a major sims expansion with the long awaited university expansion that people (and myself) have been asking for since The Sims 4 came out….then we had Death Standing, a major release made possible by the venerated and beloved, Hideo Kojima. THEN a new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, came out at the end of October and overall the reception has been positive.

My point here being that a lot of really good games are coming out all at once. I’m actually shocked that a lot of well made, polished games are just hitting the shelves one right after another. Its refreshing to have a wealth of games, while yeah some bad eggs here and there, the big releases for the holiday season have all been pretty good with no serious dumpster fires yet in Q4 2019.

But…yeah its A LOT. A good a lot but holy bananas my back-list is growing like crazy.

The final game I want to mention that shocked me was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Those of you in the community remember from the last few Star Wars games by EA (Electronic Arts), those games were demolished by the online community and by critics for not listening to consumer and player feedback as well as the loot crate situation (aka disaster).

The catalyst being Star Wars Battlefront II in 2017 (the last AAA title put out under the Star Wars franchise). The controversy and reaction was so poor that despite selling 9 million copies, EA missed their sales target and rumors had circulated that Lucius Arts (who is now owned by Disney) was looking at other developers as EA was producing under-performing titles. This on top of getting Disney involved as governments world-wide as well as within my own country had to step in. The Loot Crate situation were starting to venture into gambling territory. Gambling of course has massive restrictions depending on what part of the world you’re in and not to mention gambling is illegal for children under a certain age depending on your country’s laws.

If you’re not completely familiar with the history surrounding that game, I recommend reading into it as it was a PR nightmare for EA at the time.

Its been two years since then, the dust has settled online and now instead of DICE, Respawn Entertainment announced their new game Jedi: Fallen Order and it just came out as of November 15th. From the same company that produced the Titanfall series and Apex Legends, this new game is surprising people with how different it is from other games in the franchise. According to the developer it was inspired by games like Breath of the Wild and Dark Souls. Watching the gameplay footage, those elements do show to a certain degree. Its on my holiday list as I have way too many games I’m chugging through as much as I can right now but I’m very excited to try it.

Vaporwave Games I’m Playing Now

I’m finally getting around to several titles that I have in draft for at least a month, Bizzarioware being one of them by The Strangest Interactive. A very interesting game concept with plenty of humor and well yeah…its bizarre. Also art-style which is pretty awesome.

Also I’m finally getting around to Broken Reality which I’ve been slowly writing for months. I did reach out to the developers but sadly they never got back to me. I’m still going to try and reach out a few more times. I got the screenshots I wanted and now its just drafting and more drafting until I get the article I want which its definitely going to be one of my longer ones.

Other then that, its been a CRAZY couple of weeks. Halloween was super fun, got pumpkins with friends, went to a few Halloween parties and a few costume contests. This year at my office I got fourth place for my costume!

I know not impressive but I’m still happy I got that high on the list. We are a competitive bunch when it comes to Halloween.

I hope you all have a fantastic autumn and super fun at thanksgiving time for those of you in the US. I wish you all a great month as we slowly creep to the end of the year.

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