Hello Internet Travelers and Happy Holidays to you all!

As of writing this the new year is fast approaching and boy has it been a crazy year for me personally and in the video game world.

I started this blog only a few months ago and while I’m still a tiny website, I’m so happy to see people making comments, liking my articles and even deciding to follow my blog for future updates. It means a lot and I’m so happy people seem to enjoy my blog for the most part. I greatly look forward to adding more content in the future especially in 2020.

So as some of you saw recently I finally got around to reviewing the VR game Wolfenstien Cyberpilot and it wasn’t that great sadly. I generally like VR games but this was not one of them. Maybe next time after some fine tuning and taking another crack at it they can do a better job. VR is still not easy so I’m of the more forgiving type when it comes to that format but still its such a shame.

With the end of year around the corner, its also time for massive sales of video games so I’ve been trying to find a bunch for 2020 to review as well as weird little vaporwave related games to try out.

I found a few games both related and unrelated to my blog that I’m excited to try out. One is called Deliver us the Moon by KeokeN Interactive that came out in October this year. Its a science fiction game where you play as an astronaut where your trying to prevent the human race from collapsing as resources are depleting so you’re on a mission to solve the energy crisis as it was discovered a new source of energy that could be used was found on earth’s moon. I love science fiction, story-driven games and this seems right up my alley. I am expanding to write about Si-Fi games so I may put a review up on my blog after I finish it. Still debating on that.

Another game I definitely plan on playing for my blog is Beat Saber by Beat Games (I love that’s their company name) which is an interesting music based VR game. Sort of like Music Killer which I played a few months ago and wrote about. I am also taking a look at a game that came out earlier this year that has a science fiction, space theme but with a trippy cartoon-ish art style, Void Bastards by Blue Manchu.

Finally, yes its coming, I will be doing a huge article all about Broken Reality by Dynamic Media Triad. The most vaporwave of all games I think in existence. The reason it took longer then I thought was mainly because I couldn’t get in contact with the developers and I really want o get a quote or some answers to my questions. So I’ll be doing what research I can to do this article justice and provide a narrative to the developers as they deserve recognition and for people to know more about this team as Broken Reality is an incredible experience.

So that’s really my month, figuring out my article and review schedule. Plus seeing whats coming up in 2020 and of course tons of work at my job and lots of time with family and friends. 2019 has been a roller coaster of a year and in the video game world has ended on a positive note, games have been good with some surprises here and there.

To all you internet travelers and music creators of the vaporwave world, to the science fiction lovers, to the cyberpunk geeks and those still obsessed with 1980s music and hair, I wish you a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.

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