January and February 2020: I Swear I’m not Dead

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Lets start off with HUGE apologies for being so delayed in writing up an article. So just to be upfront, there was a major upheaval in my family in the November and December of 2019 and it got particular bad by the time the holidays came and went. I had to process and handle the situation. On top of this stress was also writers block which I think was due to everything that was going on. Recently I felt my writing and inspiration come back so I’m working on some projects again.

Its no excuse of course and for that I thank you for your patience.

So lets start off with last couple of things I’ve been up to and games I’ve been playing and looking into writing about.

I’ve been making my costumes and cosplay for the upcoming events on my yearly calendar. Due to the virus, one of them was moved to November which means I have more time to work on them. Its still kind of a shame but I can wait.

I do fairly average cosplays and by that I mean ones that are not overly complicated as time and money do make it difficult for me to do something truly crazy. This year I’m making two right now but I thinking of adding a third one. The first one is the Magikoopas, the wizard koopa you see in the Super Mario games. I’m making the robe myself with a light blue dress i found that is long enough to look like a robe (I’ll have to make modifications like adding sleeves and the white ends as well as the hat) and I’m making the wand from scratch using a dowel with air-dry clay and paint.

The second one is a little more obscure, its Snufkin from the Moomins TV show and books. I’ve watched the show and read some of the books, its mainly known outside of the United States but is a very memorable character as he is described as a nomadic vagabond who lives his life carefree and enjoys philosophical thought. He is also kind of an anarchist as he HATES authority figures and rules. So yeah, I decided to be that one person at the con in a costume no one may recognize. I’ve done this twice already. Two years ago I was the Magician of Faith, a duel monster from Yu-gi-oh. Everyone thought I was a character from the Zelda series.

I have images below I pulled from google for visual representation of the characters I’m making this year.

I’ve also been playing a few games I came across, some old and new. First was a game called Conglomerate 451, a cyberpunk first person, dungeon crawler and roguelite by Runeheads. It is now on my list to give a proper article and analysis but so far its a fairly interesting game I came across. Reactions and reviews so far have been mixed.

Others game I’m thinking of doing for this blog is Hyponospace Outlaw by Tendershoot that started as a Kickstater project and now is available too the public as of March last year. Its a website admin simulator based in a alternative 1999 where people use the internet basically in their dreams using a headset they wear while they sleep. Let me tell you that description along grabbed my attention. I also got Void Bastards, an action roguelite by Blue Manchu, which I’ve also been playing and writing about. The art-style really caught my eye as its a cartoon-ish, science fiction game.

Unrelated to this blog, one of my favorite games, State of Decay 2 has released a new edition called the Juggernaut edition that has a brand new map and other several updates including a new two handed weapon type for melee. Basically I’ll be playing that all weekend long. I don’t think I will ever stop playing State of Decay, its been my favorite since the first game back in 2013. I cannot believe its been that long.

I also had a couple of things I’m considering for this blog. One was to create a micro-blog (aka an Instagram account or twitter account). That way I can provide small bits of content of interesting vaporwave or cyberpunk things I find or just stuff in general I want to share. Let me know what you guys think if its a good idea. I really also want to create an avatar or some original art for the blog so I’m currently looking for someone I can hire to create some art.

Overall, I’m feeling good and ready to start writing again as well as preparing for some of my favorite events. Games are coming out that I’m hyped as hell for. I wish you all the best and Happy Friday!

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