March 2020: Lockdown, Updates, and A Virtual Convention

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Hi All…so yeah not a normal update today as I’m sure you’re aware. The title gives it away a bit.

I’ve been officially told to work from home until further notice. Thankfully, I still have an income so I can pay my rent and buy food. My friends set up a discord so we can all talk when we are not working and thankfully we do have online options to play games together so at least we can do that.

You know right now, its the little things that I can still do that are keeping me going. I’ve been writing down ways so I can keep active, I’m downloading workout videos and did purchase some workout gear that’s small and compact so I can at least maintain a routine. I’ve been reading and decided to really put time into practicing game development. Last thing, finally taking the time to practice the electric guitar which I have been putting off due to other obligations and in general just being busy.

Its weird and jarring to realize you have all this time as everything you had planned is suddenly gone but you have to think about routines and how to cope with such changes. I’ve barely gone outside in the last two-three weeks (just for groceries and to drop off my rent payment) and trying to live as normally as possible.

I do hope all of you are okay and safe with your loved ones. I decided I’ll try and write as much as possible and I hope at least for some of you, these articles and updates can be a moment of escape as we continue forward.

So here is what I did in March basically.

What am I playing now?

So personally outside of this blog I’ve been playing a TON of the new juggernaut edition of State of Decay 2. The new map is super fun and it has just been a joy to explore. The new map takes place in a mountainous region with huge forests stretching across the region, called Providence Ridge. So far I really like the new map, the forest at night add a new level of horror especially when you can hear the zombies around you. Plus when the sun comes up seeing the mountains in the distance is wonderful.
They also revamped the game a bit for new players and did some basic UI redesign as well as a some visual changes. They basically added a new tint to the game leaning forwards a ghostly blue-green look.

Overall as a consistent player I’m happy with with the new edition overall. There are still a good deal of bugs that has become a theme for Undead Labs the developer of the game. So if you decide to purchase the game I strongly recommend trying a demo first to make sure your company can handle it before committing. The experience really depends on your machine unfortunately. I hope down the line they improve that. I do wonder if someday as just for no reason to stream myself playing State of Decay 2 or doing a full on discussion piece about the game. The whole series has many ups and downs but that strong fan-base has always been there.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the Doom Eternal came out in the exact same day to bring joy to the masses. Both groups of players have joined as one to rejoice in the glory of these two exceptional games. Seriously the memes coming out because of this has been amazing. In such dark times who knew a game about slaughtering demonic entities and another about paying off debt to a raccoon can bring the gaming world together. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing which has been really fun and I plan to try Doom Eternal soon after playing through my back log a little more.

I’ve also been playing the Halo: Master Chief collection with my friends which has been wonderful. I never had the opportunity to play the original games back in the early 2000s as when I was a child I didn’t have an Xbox until I was in college. It was Nintendo only that was allowed in my household. It was fantastic to finally play Halo and see that yes its an phenomenal experience overall and has not lost its appeal even almost two decades since the first one.

My friends and I have recorded footage of us playing and acting like idiots. We decided to take the trucks and just starting turning the game into Big Rigs by driving around and trying to avoid the enemies. That night still makes me laugh when I check out the video my friend took of it.

Besides a few indie games here and there, that’s mainly what has been going on personally.

Its going to be a light couple of months of just reviewing and talking about games basically as all my conventions I planned to go to were moved or cancelled. Including a few concerts I had lined up.

A Virtual Board Game Convention

I do play a persona as Vapor for this blog, the girl who sits on her computer all the time, eating leftover take out and playing video games. However, I do have other hobbies that I would be fun to share.

Besides video games, I LOVE table top games. I used to binge watch the Table Top series from Geek and Sundry and I loved playing demos at the conventions I would go too. Therefore, I was originally planning on attending a the Long Island Table Top Convention, but as we all know, pretty much nothing is happening in early to mid 2020.

It was going to be held in April but the official convention has been moved to November. However they still wanted to give something to the community so they are offering a virtual convention that is completely for free.

They plan to use Twitch and other video streaming platforms to showcase demos, panels, games, etc. If this does well, I can see virtual conventions being a good way for people who cannot travel or if we have health or safety concerns as a secondary option.

Still, I do plan on watching as much as I can and doing an article about it. I also signed up to play one of the games virtually so hopefully I can get in and play. I have never attending as virtual convention and this is a great opportunity to see if such a thing can really work. A lot of us already do watch twitch streams of panels already and even during E3 I did watch the announcements on Twitch. So the idea is not completely off the wall, the only thing that I could see as being problematical is maybe the demos. Its hard to ask questions in a stream with hundreds of people asking questions at the same time.

So that’s really it. Like I said these next few months will be light but I plan to write as much as possible without burning myself out too much.

Please stay safe out there. Wash your hands regularly, stay inside as much as possible, and be extra nice to the people who are out there working from Doctors and nurses to the guy or gal delivering your packages.

I wish you all a calm and safe month of April. I plan to have at least two articles done before the end of April hopefully.

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