April and May 2020: Mostly Rain with Brief Moments of Sunshine

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Hi All, I hope you enjoyed the little articles I put up in April. May has been a bit of a rough month as I had been busier then usual both at work and relating to my home life. If anything my work life balance has been slightly off but I’m still trying to make sure I don’t suffer burnout. Its mainly because there were some recent changes and I asked to assist on a project outside my normal duties but now that a lot of it was dealt with, it should be easy to slip that into my routine. I do of course miss my normal day-to-day life but its been an okay transition and I feel very comfortable spending the majority of my time indoors.

Besides work, my days have been a mixture of activities. I do boxing and/or work out in the morning or late afternoon depending on my workload. I’m slowly adapting to cooking more and coming up with more creative ideas. I am currently working on a few projects for this blog that I’m trying to map out and see if they make sense. I’m also trying to make a lot of time to see my family on zoom and my friends online for games as well as weekly Netflix parties we do online using Discord. We actually watched Mortal Kombat the movie from 1995 and it was so cheesy I loved it.

From where I am at, things have been steadily improving and we are hopeful that maybe a bit of the summer can be salvaged with a tiny bit of beach time near the end of the season. We have to play it by ear where I’m at. Its been a depressing road for me in 2020. A year that I will never forgot for not so good reasons but I’m glad that all things considered I’m lucky to have my health and the knowledge that my family and friends are okay. That’s enough for me to keep going.

…So anything New?

I figured for those of you staying inside, I have a few game recommendations both related to the blog and personal picks as well. I also have a few other things I have been doing and reading I think would be fun for some of you.


I’ve been working out as part of my indoor routine and I found out that I really like boxing and kickboxing believe it or not. I got myself an Occulus Quest a few months ago and I was able to try a few fun games here and there including BOXVR which is a workout program disguised as sort of a rhythm game incorporating typical moves you would see in a boxing class. You jab, cross punch and upper-cut spheres as they fly towards you. You also sometimes lean over or do squats which is mixed in during each session. You have a choice on how long each session is as they range from 2 minutes to an hour per each class. You can also set a goal each day for how many minutes you want to play per day which has been helpful for me to keep up a routine.

Make no mistake, this is a hell of a workout as my arms were sore for a while afterwards but slowly I have been able to do longer sessions without becoming too tired.

2.) Vacation Simulator By Owl Labs

I also played the crap out of Vacation Simulator. Its from the same developer that created Job Simulator, Owl Labs. As always the game is funny and just such a delight to look around a cartoon-ish beach or a relaxing forest. They definitely improved on the formula as Vacation Simulator lets you explore larger areas and there is more objectives for you to do including collecting memories to allow more sections of each vacation zone to open up. There are also lots of little mini games strewn out from cooking lunch for certain robots or engaging in a snowball fight. This is a game I would love to cover in detail as its so strange to play a game where your in a simulated vacation either on the beach, skiing in the mountains, or camping. Considering I won’t be on vacation at all in the near future, this is as close as I’m going to get which makes the whole experience that much more surreal for me.

3.) Old World

This was a game that kind of popped out of nowhere. Its a hybrid of Crusader Kings and the Sid Meier Civilization series. The game is still in an early access type of state currently only on the Epic Store platform and after playing several hours, its definitely in a playable state but I saw a few bugs here and there and some event instances where not 100% there yet so its playable but not quite done just yet. I’m curious if it will be able to stand up to the Sid Meier series as it has some serious potential to be a good entry level kind of game for those who may be turned off by how complex Crusader Kings is and maybe overwhelmed by the vast options and learning curve from Sid Meier. Also both games are heavily bloated by DLC so having a single game that is a mash up of both is a good idea on paper. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Non-Video Game Recommendations:

I’ve been checking out as well as books and movies that are in the genres of this blog and outside of vaporwave.

Love, Death, and Robots

I finally got around to watching some TV shows and movies that have been on my list. I’m not as avid a movie watcher as I once was but the pandemic has pushed me to try and watch some more movies and shows which has been highly enjoyable. Love, Death and Robots was something I wanted to sink my teeth into for a while as it hits all the points I like. An anthology series created using some incredible animation. The stories all range from horror to science fiction and fantasy. As well as plenty in futuristic and cyberpunk themes which I love.

The show was renewed for another season in 2019 so hopefully soon we will see more stories in the near future.


So I want to make it clear, I almost never binge shows and its mostly because when it comes to TV for some reason, I have the attention span of a squirrel. Kingdom captivated me in a way a show has not done in a while. I watched both seasons in one sitting for hours. Its a period piece, political drama/horror TV show set in South Korea. In fact, this is Netflix’s first South Korean show under their belt. Critically its a smash hit and I can see why. The characters and story is crafted extremely well in a way where nothing feels left unresolved or out of place. There is also a sense that you can tell the show is giving you suddenly hints of foreshadowing but without being too blunt with what its preparing you for. So when a plot twist is revealed while it could have been expected it feels shocking to the viewer. I also can not get over how breathtaking the shots are with the detail of the cities, villages, and palace looking amazing on screen. I’m waiting anxiously for season 3.

I highly recommend this show to any horror fan or someone who would love a really good political drama to sink their teeth into. Just be warned, the show is pretty graphic with the violence and gore.

Wishing you all the Best

Besides that, its been trying new things including mixology since bars will be a thing of the past for a very long time where I am at. I’m actually sitting here writing this while trying a new drink recipe, its called the pinup sailor daiquiri. I saw it online and its amazing. I never thought a spicy cocktail with rum, lime and jalapeno juice would taste good but I was so wrong.

Cheers to you all and I’ll have some new stuff soon. Its been a tough road for me personally so I’m just taking it day by day.

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