June-July 2020: Some Long Term Projects Underway and a lot of Sleeping

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Hi All and I hope you are well. We are now in the month of July and I feel like I blinked and suddenly half of the year was over, even though I was mainly inside my apartment that whole time.

I had myself for the first time in months “a going out to shop around” kind of day. I got myself a board game and a Godzilla figure which was awesome. All the stores I usually browsed in literally just reopened about one-two weeks ago but will remain on a temporary schedule where they close early. So nightlife where I’m at is postponed until further notice which is what it is. Eventually we will get there. It was such a weird feeling to step into a store after several months. Just a place to browse and enjoy being outside. It was a nice mental break.

So as you can guess from the title. I’m working on some long term projects that have no real end date when the will be on my blog but its just something to get me back into my writing groove as things have improved a lot here on my end where I can start to have some work/life balance again.

The first one is regarding my persona as Vapor Girl. I commissioned an artist online called shoujo.carnivore you can find her on Twitter and Instagram, to create a visual representation of who she is. Below is her artwork she created for my character!

Her handle is @ShoujoCarnivore!

I have been inspired to try and make short stores about her and who she is. I thought about a comic but my skills in drawing are pretty poor. Either way I want to develop her into a real character with a personality and world around her. Something that speaks to my love of vaporwave and cyberpunk.

Another thing I want to do is find other aspects of my usual favorite genres to talk about. Not just video games but also other media including books and really diving into some movies. I also want to see if I can do more in-depth articles pertaining to internet influence on these said themes. Obviously vaporwave is a internet created genre all its own but cyberpunk started way before and was created within the science fiction community. How has it lived on and how does it related with modern audiences today.

These will take longer to write as they require a ton is research and analysis, but I hope they can at least bring something interesting and thought-provoking to the table. I’m not trying to create something that has has been done before, I’m just a person on the internet writing about subgenres that I’m super passionate about.

Besides that its been and will be a quiet few months for me. Its mainly just work, writing and existing. Summer is in full swing but everything has been cancelled or postponed so I think we can call this whole season a wash and move on. If anything I’ve been using this time to spring clean my apartment, work on some DIY projects and I’m also trying to learn how to make a computer keyboard from scratch.

Any Interesting Video Games?

There are a few I’ve been trying out for the first time and new ones I’m into.

I finally had time to play ManEater by Tripwire Interactive which is a game where you play as a killer shark. Its….a weird game to say the least. It reminds me a lot of Jaws: Unleashed (2006) where you play as the shark from the movie to wreak havoc and sometimes fight bosses like a giant squid. ManEater feels extremely similar to that but with a more goofy yet fun approach and the style is far more cartoonish. Its not bad but can be a bit repetitive. I think its an odd duck in the current games we see out today but for me, I like the slice of nostalgia it brings. I don’t know if I would do a full discussion about it but I’m curious if people would event want that. Please let me know.

I also been playing Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. One thing I really like is you play through all the storylines (somewhat abridged and cut to the chase which is nice) and you get to play using the same decks used in the show in that duel. As before, a little but nostalgic for me as I grew up watching the show and played the card game a bit. There has certainly been a resurgence of interest in the game it seems like. Its still popular among the card game fanbase but years after the show ended now a new group of people are being introduced to it thanks to the popular mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links and other games that have popped up. I do have a couple of complaints. First the complete lack of voice acting and I think for a game that has made is a mission to put all the storylines, off shots and whatnot together, they could have made the experience a lot of exciting and celebratory of the franchise. Also I think the $40 price tag is a little too high for something like this. Yes there is no micro-transactions which is a plus but for that cost, they could have done so much more. They could have done more to elevate the game but for what it is, its straight forward and is nice for someone who grew up with the physical card game and the TV show.

Finally, this game is one of the more unusual ones I have come across. This one is called PLAYNE. So this is a game about teaching you about meditation and how to focus your breathing to help you relax and reduce stress. This game came out on May 1st of this year (prefect timing when you think about it). The game places you on a barren island and as you meditate each time more options open up and the landscape itself becomes lusher and more vibrant. Eventually you can grow your trees and create a little sandbox for yourself to build your own little space where you feel safe and relaxed. I really like these kinds of games that are designed to help you learn a new trick or activity to assist in something practical. In this case relieving stress with a tool that helps you grow more comfortable with the process. I thought would be easy to meditate but it is honestly kind of difficult to do as my mind is always operating at 120% in terms of thoughts and managing my day to day. I recommend giving this is a try if you are interesting in trying something a little more unusual and it could be helpful.

So that’s really it here, work is work and life is slowly progressing into somewhat normalcy. I hope you are all doing well and your summer is safe.

So I’m going to spend the rest of my summer napping, working, and gaming.

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