August – October: 2020 Is Coming To An End

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So hello everyone. Its been a few months and sorry for the random posting of some stuff. Its been a busy couple of months and things in my neck of the woods has been chaotic to say the least. I’ve also been just in general more busy at work then usual. I’ve been asked to help put together a virtual office winter party which sounds fun. I have some cool ideas for what I want to do as well as other activities for 2021 to keep everyone engaged and also make winter here a little less isolating.

So I figured I would share some stuff I’ve been doing. For starters I’ve been working on some short stories that I’ve been trying to put on paper for a while and I finally got one done. I kind of want to make is a series of short stories that all ties together.

The basic premise is a woman who is a detective named Vicky who suddenly is killed and now (you can see this from the short story as well), has a purpose in the afterlife. Its sort of in the mystery/supernatural genre with some inspiration from film noir.

I’ve always loved stories and media that has a different take on death and the world after. Some go in a more horror direction where the character is confronted by their misdeeds in life. Others take on the path of remembering the past to move on into the afterlife peacefully. Some just look at death in a positive but respectful way like Spirtfarer does where death does not have to be a scary thing, but a reflective and emotional process. I would consider myself in some respects death positive, which means I do want to address it in a way where I don’t want to ignore its there in my face. Basically that I want to speak openly that it exists and should not be so scary. Its a big part of our lives and I don’t want it to be all negative with lots of gloom.

What’s been Going On and Some Thoughts on the Future

So obviously the biggest thing, if you are in the United States, is the election which at the time of writing this, Joe Biden has been declared the winner as he has more then enough electoral votes and the current president, Donald Trump, will not have enough even if he wins the last few states. That has resulted in tons of parades and people cheering online and out in the real world. It was honestly nice to see people so joyful and happy for once after a very gloomy year with the pandemic.

It also has put the US in a transitional period as one term comes to a close and another begins with new people and an entirely new leader. I remember how’s its always a rather hectic time especially with how short the time is between the announcement and the beginning of a new term. It does put us all who live in the US in a rather precarious spot as with cases of the virus surging while a change in leadership going on is rather bad timing. Cases are once again skyrocketing with the now sudden realization for even myself that we may have to enter into a second lockdown like the UK did.

The future is still rather uncertain for many of us and we are going into a new year, in the new decade, totally blind. But there are some interesting things to think about with the new decade overall is no doubt, the pandemic will play a major role.

The tech industry according to Microsoft has pushed what would have been 6 or so years of development and growth into just under a year. Technology and communication has been pushed as hard as it can go to not only make sure that people can work from home safely and effectively but also to allow much needed communication for the sake of our mental health and daily activities. Virtual visits from doctors, online payments for goods now becoming present for a vast majority of services (more then ever before), virtual meetings now becoming the standard for work, and so on. Services that did exist but were not the norm are now widespread and it may stay this way for years to come.

We will most likely all be online by the end of 2020 and into 2021 in some form or another. Even just to handle basic tasks like paying our bills and running errands. Another interesting thing to me was the push for robots to reduce the risk of spending infection in industries that still require human interaction like the food service industry. I have my thoughts on this as the biggest question for most people is, if robots replace people then how will people earn a living? This is a tough question as we have already been moving in this direction for a while and the pandemic has only shined more light on the issue. There has been attempts to find solutions but I still think its a gray area for most people, same with me. There are some fantastic books on the subject though which I’m going to commit to reading this winter.

Any New Interesting Video Games and Other Developments?

As I’ve said earlier, I’ve been trying a new indie game that has become a bit of the critical darling for 2020, Spiritfarer. Its such a fun yet heartwarming game where you actually hug those on your ship to help raise their mood. Its so simple to play but incredibly fun. A game we certainly needed this year and I can totally see on many gaming publications as part of their top ten picks.

I’ve also been playing the The Sims 4 a ton lately to kind of act out as if I’m still able to go outside and interact with the rest of society. A new expansion just came out called A Snowy Escape as I’m writing this that is essentially a vacation pack. I can’t help but find a lot of ironic humor in that. I’m planning on trying it so I can pretend I have a loving family that is going on vacation and the real world is not imploding in on itself. I’m essentially playing as if I’m the dog in the fire meme.

Another fun personal development is that my friends and I have started playing Sea of Thieves together. Its such a blast to play with friends as there is a lot of teamwork in the game when it comes to managing the ship and what is going on around you, from quests to other players who might try and steal your stuff. It has been such a joy to play with them and really I have to give major props to the developers for how realistic the water physics are. Its so eerily close to real life to the point I got motion sickness from playing a few times.

Besides that, I’ve been greatly enjoying twitch streams and how much interaction there is online nowadays. Its refreshing that even alone, that is not truly the case.

I have a couple more plans for the blog. Not just more short stories but I’m also seeing if I could have a few more Q&As published for some games I’m looking into. I feel like so much is happening in the gaming world this winter season, I can barely keep up. Still its nice to see so much activity and people interacting with such a dark cloud over our heads.

I do hope you are all doing well and have a relaxing and safe winter.

Please let me know what games do you plan to play this holiday season? What activities are you doing at home right now?

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