So its been a few of months since my last update-ish style post and I wanted to wish you all a belated Happy New Year and I hope you are all okay wherever you are in the world.

I thought I would discuss what I’m currently working and some things I hope will pan out in 2021. Obviously, this of course depends on my overall schedule due to my job. Another thing is that the vaccine is finally underway in the United States and my area where I live its ramping up super fast. I know people who already got it very recently but I know that I won’t be getting the vaccine for quite a while as its only the essential and most at risk individuals right now. I don’t plan on going out much until the fall as long as people continue to get vaccinated (hopefully) and we start seeing cases go down in a major way. I’ll be inside working, gaming, working out, and writing. That’s the plan right now in my personal life. Still I don’t think things will be really back to normal until 2022 if you ask me, we got a ways to go.

Stuff I’m Working On

About a week ago, I just released a new article on Hypnagogia which people seemed to enjoy so thank you so much for reading and please support the developer, sodaraptor. I really enjoyed the game and now I’m curious to look and discuss other games of a similar graphical style. I’m doing a little research right now to find other games and if possible have a quick Q&A with the developer if they are interested.

I am also currently working on an article about a music album that I feel would be relevant for this blog, the album Cyberpunk by Billy Idol from the early 1990s. It was a flop in the general media bit was certainly an example of how popular the subculture was in its earlier years as Blade Runner came out a few years prior and the mainstream media at the time was riding the cyberpunk wave. I feel as someone who would have been a targeted demographic for this when it came out, it would be interesting to discuss and revisit. I’m not criticizing as I’m not a music critic but I am offering my thoughts from the percept of a person would would be interesting in a project like this.

Cyberpunk 2077

As for games, I do want to bring up the topic of Cyberpunk 2077. Its going to take me a long, long time to write about it as its a HUGE game. Not to mention the crazy bugs and problems with the games have made it difficult to play. Once the bugs are for the most part fixed and as I continue to play with the updates they have planned, I’ll do an article about my thoughts and my overall take away from the game. Obviously writing a review so far into the future is pointless so it will be more of a revisit and discussion piece when the hype and controversies for the game settles down and I can look at the game with fresh eyes.

Short Stories and Writing

Some of you maybe saw a story I’m working called The Overseer. I’m actively working on this and my plan is to release the story in a series of chapters. I’ll then make a page on my blog which will have all of them in order as time goes on. This is both a exercise for me to practice my writing as I still have a long way to go until I’m decent at it I think. I’m not a professional, its more of a hobby for me but I would like to publish at least one book in my life time.

I don’t want to give away too much about it just yet as I’m still flushing out everything and putting it all together. You could most likely tell from the prologue that this is a thriller, science fiction type of story. I have many plans for it and I have the end goal in mind. I have three characters that I’m working and drafting out what I want to be and do.

I’m also drafting another story that I don’t think will be as long but its an idea that has been jumping in my head for a bit. I’m currently writing my ideas and thoughts on paper to see what I want to do. I already have the premise, the themes and some of the basic characters in mind including how I would like it to end. I just need to fill in the gaps of what I want it to be in between and how the characters work together.

The Soothsayer one I did I’m not sure about as I’ve wrote kind of like a pre-story to a main story if that makes sense but it was more for me to test out some ideas. I think I might shelf that one for now and see how I feel about it.

Games I’ve been Playing

So I’ve been playing a TON of The Darkest Dungeon which was something I got into way later on which is generally anything I do when it comes to move games. I adore everything about it from the lore, the town, the gameplay, and the classes. I’m actually so in love with the character designs that I decided for my next cosplay (when I decide to go out again and vaccinated), I’ll be doing the plague doctor as I love the mix of alchemist with the belt of flacks and with the mask. I highly recommend it for anyone who has yet to play it.

I’ve also started playing ATOM RPG, it was in early access for a while and now its officially released. The gameplay reminds me a lot of wasteland and even the developers say it was heavily inspired by fallout and wasteland. You’re placed in a post war and apocalypse situation where you have to survive the explore this huge wasteland while given a tons of combat and skill options to choose from. Its something that can suck up hours of time and I really love these old school type of RPGs that use this type of system and user interface. If you’re someone who loved the original fallout games, I recommend you give ATOM a try.

Final Thoughts

So this year will be a lot of expanding to other types of writing on music that I want to talk about, maybe books and movies if I have time and of course I really enjoy talking about smaller indie games that I find interesting. I think its fantastic to really talk to these developers and pick their brain about how they came up with these ideas. Personally, I would love to make a game of my own but I have no idea where to start. Maybe that will be 2021 for me, the start of just getting off my butt and trying new things.

Last year was a doozy in a way I never imagined. It feels like an eternity ago when we were all told to work from home for at the time was maybe a few weeks to a few months. That turned into a year at the time of writing this. I’m still in awe of what happened last year. It was just a year of so many things, both good and bad but also something we will never forgot.

Again I do hope you are well and doing okay.

Thank you to everyone who decided to subscribe to my email list for this blog or decided to follow my twitter for my articles and general posts. I think its awesome that anyone would actually want to read my stuff or find value in it. I’m so grateful for that and thank you again.

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