January, February, March, and April 2021 Update: Turning My Home into a Neon Wonderland Plus Cosplay and Games

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Hello Internet Travelers, its Vapor again and I hope you are all doing well.

2021 has been quite a busy year for me already. Work has been picking up, I’m finally making plans for the later half of year in late summer/early fall and best of all, I have my vaccine shot finally done. The city I live in has been bursting with activity after a very long winter and life here is starting to pick up with that much missed pace I’m familiar with.

New video games are also on the horizon but sadly a few have been delayed to Q3-Q4 of 2021 and into 2022. Kind of a bummer, but thankfully we have plenty out right now to try and talk about including ones that are still confirmed for the late spring and summer.

I’ve also been doing a massive redecoration project for my space as with things starting to normalize in my area I’ve been working from home for months. I felt it was time to give my home an upgrade. After doing this for several weeks, In thought it would be super fun to share something things I found online and stuff I did to make my space into the room of my dreams.

Redecorating Project

I’ve always been drawn to neon colors and horror. There is something so deeply comforting to me about neon lights and the sounds of the the city when I’m out and about at night or chilling in my room.

I also really enjoy horror in general. Universal studio monster movies, skulls, 1980s slasher films that are super cheesy, just pretty much everything to do with the horror genre I’m always down for. Just not video games still (I just can’t do it sorry).

So I’ve been redecoration and modeling my apartment to have that feeling of darkness with neon mixed in as well as hint of horror. I’m actually hunting down artists that specialize in horror-themed artwork and movie posters in general to fill out the rest of my wall. I found a small business called Sourpuss and they sell all kinds of horror related items including posters. So I’ve been using them plus whatever website that is legit to get what I’m looking for as well as amazon in general but I try to be careful with Amazon as not all the items there are well priced, you’re sometimes better off going straight to the company if you can or finding a small business that sells the same product or something similar. Sourpuss has posters for $5-15 dollars and on Amazon I saw some of these for much more expensive prices or not even close to what I was looking for.

When I’m all finished with my room, I plan to post all the websites I used if you’re interested or looking for options outside of Amazon.

Current and Future Video Games I’m Super Keen For

I just picked up Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion and its is just adorable. I love the art style, I really enjoy the world and the premise is hilarious. I saw someone talking about this game on TikTok and I knew I had tom pick it up. Definitly on my review at some point list.

I’ve also been playing a new game called Emily is Away. Its a narrative driven game where you play as a senior in high school in 2008. You and your friends have started to migrate from using AIM (aka AOL Instant Messenger) to Facebook (or FaceNook as its called within the game). You deal with drama and all kinds of early social media nonsense we have started to become familiar. It was ironically in my last few years of high school that Facebook was becoming popular. I remember adding friends when college started and having so much fun with chats and sharing photos. I plan to do a review of this one soon I think its a great example of 2000s nostalgia when modern social media was still in its infancy. I miss the days or crazy looking blogs and online journals.

UNBEATABLE is a game that I saw on twitter and then on Kickstarter. I actually decided to back it as the gameplay and overall concept is really something I’m into. Essentially its an arcade, rhythm style game in a universe were music is illegal. You play as a character called Beat who gets caught up in the plans of a young girl who wants to bring music back. The style is anime-isk and reminds me a great deal of Fooly Cooly (aka FLCL) with the art direction. So far I’m extremely impressed with the demo and what’s been presented. This is also the debut game of a new studio, D-Cell. I wish them the best of luck and I’m very excited to watch the progress.

Internet Court is another game I’m playing and covering. The studio is a small studio in New York state that makes interesting and humorous games. Internet Court is exactly as you think it is. The characters in the game are live action who are playing as the defendant, lawyers, judge, etc. Its a charming FMV game that has a distinct sense of self-awareness and humor that I really enjoy. Its like these guys are of course mocking the piety nature of the internet. The first case was a person suing someone for “wrongfully unfriending them on Facebook”. Its just so on the nose so to speak that I can’t help but love it.

For the future, I was a little disappointed that Humankind was delayed to August but I understand why as according to the developers, they needed more time. It was originally meant to come out in April 2021. They are opening up the game for preorders already with a discount so I know they are trying to push some early money as the game was delayed but I’m not a fan that they are tempting players with some bonus that are only available if you pre-order. We had a lot of this in the mid 2010s and its not a practice I prefer as I would rather everything be available in the base game and not split off if you decide not to pre-order.

This is of course just stuff I’m playing right now that’s relatively new with the exception of Unbeatable of course as I only tried the demo and version they put on steam. I recommend checking these games out if you can.

Cosplay I’m Working On

I have received official confirmation that a convention I go to each year will be happening this year but they pushed it back a few months into the fall. With that plus my final vaccine shot done, I plan to go with a few friends.

I had a few cosplay set up for 2020 but I decided to scrap them as the convention was cancelled but with COVID still rearing its ugly head this year and for a while longer, I’m refocusing on costumes were I can incorporate a mask and it wouldn’t look out of place. Even with the vaccine, I would feel more comfortable with some kind of protection as there will be a lot of people there. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Its baby steps for the majority of us.

The first costume is one I’m already working on. I’m being the Plague Doctor from the game, The Darkest Dungeon. One of my personal favorite games and class types to play within the game. She is a female character and I love her outfit since it has this alchemist feel to it with the dagger, potion bottles, and dress having an armor aspect with the spiked shoulder pads. I’m super into it and I have a base dress which I already picked up from a thrift store. I found a mask that looks similar to the one on the character from Amazon and the rest will mainly be a lot of crafting and sewing. She seems to be wearing a second layer over the dress I think so I’ll make a vest-like layer over the base dress with some small buttons to keep it together.

The hood I’m making from scratch too I found a pattern that has a similar wrapped around, baggy, hood that looks close enough to the image. The shoulder pads will be the most challenging because I don’t want them to look too janky using cardboard so I’ll have to play round with it and I cannot use any real plastic or sharp material for the spikes as that is an issue for convention rules. I may do a separate post for my process if people want to have a sort of tutorial to make their own if they want to make the plague doctor. The potion bottles I’ve done before, you can easily find cheap bottles from craft stores. I use water and food coloring for the contents of the bottles.

The second cosplay was definitly a lot of research, I wanted to do something not too crazy as I need a lot of time to make any costumes due to work obligations but also something not too cliché if I could.

I’m a big fan of Hatsune Miku because I love all the costumes and various designs not to mention I’m a big fan of the video games. The convention is happening in the fall so I was thinking if I can do the Halloween outfit as a fun tribute to the season and I can easily incorporate a black and orange mask without it being super awkward because it will make the colors and also since its Halloween themed it will kind of make sense.

I already have the figurine below which is perfect to use a reference point.

So this one I think will be simple-ish. I just need to make a basic orange dress and I can use some fabric cut into diamond shapes or use fabric paint (I think the paint will be easier). The caplet will be simple enough with ribbons to tie it all together including one to go above my waistline. She also seems to have a short petticoat under the dress and finally some white bloomers. These are all pretty easy to find online if I end up not having enough time top sew and I also have leftover cosplay to through this together.

My advice to any cosplayer beginner or not is so have one that’s kind of involved with extra prep and another that is easy to through together with material you have or something simple you can get online. Again I’ll make a small post with where I got my stuff from and tutorial if you want to do this yourself.

Those two posts may take a few months and I also want to also add in how they help up for the days I was away. Incase they needed extra support or if something I used ended up not working as planned.

Wrap Up

I do apologize for the lack of posts in general especially with the gap between my eventual publishing of the Cyberpunk article on Billy Idol. That one took a super long time to research and get my thoughts together about. I will continue to do my best and I hope you find something worth of value on my blog or just something sort of entertaining. I am having more fun with each post. Especially ones that are history focused like the Billy Idol one was.

If you want to see more history focused posts let me know and also drop a comment here or send me a message on my social media if you have a suggestion. I’m all ears.

Hope you all are doing well and good luck! Stay healthy and keep your spirits up.

I’ll always be in this tiny corner on the internet writing and posting!

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