2021-Where I’ve Been, Updates, and the Future of the Blog

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Hello Internet Travelers. So… it’s been quite a while. I took a break from writing and stuff in general especially video games. While I still play a ton with friends and for my own fun, I was not as focused on trying to get as many reviews out there as I can. To be completely honest I was not feeling as inspired to write because I was doing other things and real life was just…a lot to say the least.

This is mostly due to how much work I put into these posts. I usually try and research the developer/company as much as I could plus add a Q&A with the developer in the post if I can get a hold of them. It can take weeks to a few months to make one post to which I feel very happy about doing but its still a lot along with work, maintaining social life (which is hilarious to say in a pandemic but ironically, I’ve made more friends in the last year then I ever did in the physical world). Discord is a fun place to be that’s all I’m saying.

Also, to be open and honest with anyone who still follows this blog, I have considered shutting down my blog as I do pay for the domain name yearly so that’s an expense and this site is by no means a business. This is 100% a hobby and out of my own pocket so that is a factor I have to think about.

I wanted to hear your opinions about it. I was thinking if anything just making posts less frequently and not force myself into a schedule. Just let the moments I want to write, I’ll do it. I also want to write about things that I want to write about. Not just video games so that’s something I would like some feedback on if you would like to contribute. Please let me know.

Some Updates on Anything I have Been Doing

So just a brief post today on what I have been doing besides work and real life.

I got really into dungeons and dragons and Tabletop RPGs (TTRPGS) in the last year or so. I actually joined my first ever D&D campaign that I’ve been playing for about 6 months. We are currently taking a break for the holidays, but it’s been a lot of fun.

I learned that there are a lot of TTRPGs in the cyberpunk and science faction universe. I was aware of Start Wars Age of Rebellion, Cyberpunk Red and things of that nature well before I really sunk my toes into the hobby, but I am overwhelmed but how many games that exist out there. From big RPGs like Masks, Fates, and Vampire: The Masquerade to super indie titles on itch.io. You will never get bored just browsing and reading what is out there. It’s truly magnificent. I’ve even started DMing a few games with my new passion project being a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons game along with putting together games for Cyberpunk Red. I’m thinking of publishing it here at some point along with some funny moments if my players give permission to mention some stories that come out of them.

ASMR Videos of the Hour:

I think this maybe a fun thing to add in my updates. As you saw from my previous post months back, I am an avid listener of ASMR for the last 10 years. So, I wanted to share my picks for what I have been listening to on repeat for a couple of weeks or so (I’m somewhat tempted to do a 2021 best of the year list or something along those lines, let me know if you’re interested in seeing that).

First on the list is one of my favorite ASMR youtubers, Goodnight Moon with a stunning Roleplaying video as a hotel receptionist of a fictional lodge resort. In the video she details this brilliant hotel with lots of interesting tidbits of restaurants on site, hiking recommendations, and other activities making it one of my favorites for an immersive storytelling experience. Goodnight moon to me, is a channel that is destined to be a classic.

Next is one I stumbled upon looking for more surreal and science fiction focused ASMR. Anything new and excited on the landscape. This one immediately caught my eye with the thumbnail, and it appears to be a new-ish on to the scene only starting to upload videos in late 2020. InnerSPaceways Incorporated I S P has quite a decent catalogue already and I already am onboard with her style of speak, her way of storytelling, and use of interesting cinematography. In this video she is hosting a party in honor of celebrating the imagination. I look forward more from this channel in the near future.

Yes, as you can see as always, cyberpunk and futurism themed ASMR is my favorite. Jim ASMR is talented beyond comprehension. All the videos put out as per the about page is by design off the cuff. Which is why I love them so much. We have tons of videos of being at a relaxing spa or in a quiet setting. Nothing wrong with those but Jim says no to that by making ASMR that says hey we can make some intensely interesting narratives and universe or even horror based ASMR that engages the viewer. Every video put out is so creative and different that I LOVE this channel so much. This guy did a Discworld video and one where he played as a Prison Cook. I have nothing more to say, just check out their channel.

One Reply to “2021-Where I’ve Been, Updates, and the Future of the Blog”

  1. Hey there! I know I would normally say this as an aside as a friend but as someone who also used to blog on WordPress (and also pretty much dropped social media since the summer), I totally get it. (And sites like these still love the engagement numbers game more than ever, so commenting here can only help!)

    I completely understand with the schedule juggling when it comes to work and life, let alone juggling hobbies and the amount of time it takes for them. I leave it up to you ultimately, it’s your blog, but I always enjoy reading your content and especially loved your music review of Billy Idol’s album. I love games too of course and learning what’s out there indie when the cyberpunk and vaporwave genres are getting bigger than ever (that new Matrix movie is out as we speak, for starters). I feel at the same time that it’s almost like walking away from striking while the iron is still hot.

    So there can be a variety of ways to find a happy medium of consolidating time while putting out quality content. I say go by your own schedule. Your posts seem to fall monthly and as far as I can tell it is always worth the wait and maybe others can also agree (despite what metrics on the backend). There can also be fun tie-ins to collaborate with others for guest posts or reviews, I’m sure this isn’t the only review blog for this genre. As far as domain money goes, I don’t normally upturn my nose at a blogname.wordpress.com URL anyway, but maybe I’m from a bygone era of crazy long URLs for someone’s custom-made hard-coded HTML1.0 personal site lol, content triumphs fancy link names in my book. (So basically going back to a free domain may help release some of that burden without resorting to milking a sponsorship or slapping ads on the site.)

    Sorry for my long ramble ^^; whether you consider any of these options or none is up to you of course. I feel more sites like this should exist, that still open discussion but also express so much of the author. That sense of identity is lost on us in today’s social digital networks (and may even get worse if the so-called metaverse of Web3 becomes prominent with the ghosts of corporate 2.0). In a fun and weird way I think this site perfectly demonstrates the best of the World Wide Web’s creativity and expression, but now it’s easier to read on your phone lol!

    Cheering you on from LI, Cindy

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