About The Blogger, Vapor Girl

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Art made by shoujo.carnivore, Thank you for making my character!

In the darkest underbelly of a city lost in technological extremes and materiel excess, the one known simply as Vapor lives alone in her small apartment.

Lined with video games and software from ceiling to floor, a small bed covered in comics, and a fridge full of leftover Pad-Thai and soda; Vapor lives vicariously through the internet on the constant hunt for the weird and surreal shrouded corners of the web. She hungers for creativity and is always inspired by the artists and underground trends that rise and fall online and in real life.

However, one movement she is inspired by the most is the Vaporwave musical and art genre. Vaporwave is the embodiment of everything she enjoys. The haunting sounds of malls that have long since crashed and burned as they were chewed and spit out by the general public and the ever creeping dread of how out of control the world has become. The sounds, the artwork both strange and nostalgic, and its influence lingers even today.

Vapor strives to bring her readers the very best of this strange world and lots of information as well as quality articles.

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