External Links and References

Vaporscapes is a new website featuring mainly music with a gorgeous interface full of aesthetic goodness. Link is here: https://www.vaporscapes.net/

R/Vaporwave on Reddit.com is also a great source of Vaporwave news, media, and general discussions on the topic. The community is also super helpful if you have questions or some inspiration for musicians and artists who are interested in the genre. Link is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vaporwave/

Redmond Bacon wrote a wonderful article in 2018 about the genre’s humble beginnings, the various sub-genres within vaporwave and insight into how one can make vaporwave music as well as the samples and hardware they could use. Link is Here: https://soundontime.com/vaporwave-aesthetic/

One of my favorite blog is run by Vapor95 called DARKNET. They do tons of featurettes and artists spotlights from music to internet media. It is one of my go-to websites to see what is happening within my favorite music genre as well as finding interesting stuff on the web in general. They also run a clothing brand that I really love with gorgeous vaporwave, cyberpunk and 1980s-1990s designs. https://vapor95.com/blogs/darknet

Fredrik Knudsen is a channel on YouTube that runs a series called “Down the Rabbit Hole”. He uploaded a video all about the origins and first crash of vaporwave as well as the resurgence in 2016 for Simpson-wave. I highly recommend the video for anyone who wants a crash course in the music genre. Link is Here: Vaporwave — Down the Rabbit Hole – YouTube

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