Games List (Stuff I Covered and Working On)

This list is constantly being updated, please send a message through the contact page if you have a recommendation or question.

Vaporwave: (Games that are distinctly vaporwave in theme and/or gameplay)



  • Neo Cab By Chance Agency
  • Nightwolf Survive the Megadome By CYBERPHO
  • VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action By Sukeban Games and Wolfgame
  • Furi By The Game Bakers
  • Spinnortality By James Patton 
  • Ruiner By Reikon Games
  • The Red Strings Club By Deconstructeam

Science Fiction/Fantasy (General):

  • Hyper Light Drifter By Heart Machine


  • Jazzpunk By Necrophone Games
  • 0°N 0°W
  • Becalm
  • No Thing By Evil Indie Games
  • lumen machina By mochamas
  • Stories Untold By No Code
  • Party Hard By TinyBuild Games
  • Glitch Pets By Cool and Normal Entertainment
  • OxenFree By Night School Studio
  • Press X to Not Die By All Seeing Eye Games


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