The Virtual Emporium


The Virtual Emporium is a Short Story with a mini “Choose your own Adventure-isk” style. You’ll be in the role of the main protagonist. The story is greatly inspired by vaporwave, 1980s nostalgia and mystery-noir.

Summary: After receiving a strange call for help, you find yourself at the once illustrious Virtual Emporium, an entertainment palace that had fallen on hard times. With a skeleton crew of workers and an owner just keeping the business above water, things have only gotten worse after a string of “accidents”. Maria Conner, the owner, swears that there is a conspiracy against her and points the finger at the parasites outside on the streets with the new night clubs and state-of-the-art bars who only want to shut down her business for good.

However, you know as anyone else there is more to the story and all the employees have their own secrets they don’t want coming out. As a private investigator, its you’re job to find out whats really going on at the Emporium.

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Chapter one: The Virtual Emporium

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